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What to expect at our support group meetings?

Hope Through Birth wants to ensure consistency throughout our organization. You can expect a very casual environment in which to share your experience with others who can relate to your story. Some meetings are larger than others, varying from month to month.

Our meetings will provide individuals to participate in group activties, share their story with ours, and hopefully walking away feeling less alone in your struggles. Hope Through Birth was created to help meet people where they are in their journey. We will provide an environment that is safe and encouraging for you and your journey. We want to help validate your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

I'm already crying a lot? Will Hope Through Birth support group meetings a bunch of people crying?

Every meeting at Hope Through Birth can be different. It is taylored to those who are attending; therefore, some months some topics/conversations may bring more emotion than others. It is a safe environment to release your emotions, and it is a no judgement zone. Every person is in a different place in their journey, but we all support to common goal which is to provide support to those experiencing pregnancy and infant loss. It is through sharing our stories that we hope that others will feel less alone.

Who attends Hope Through Birth?

Hope Through Birth meetings are restricted to adults only. Mothers and fathers are invited to attend, as are other friends or family members they wish to join them, such as a grandparent or close friend. Occasionally our members will become pregnant again. so those mothers and fathers who are expecting after a loss are welcomed to continue to attend our monthly meetings.You may have a very pregnant woman at your first meeting. We understand this might be difficult, but remember that mother has had a loss before this pregnancy or may have received a terminal diagnosis for her baby. Although we rejoice at each healthy subsequent birth, we do not allow babies or children to attend our meetings.

Guidelines for meetings

Everyone's experiences are different and are not to be compared as one being worse than another. Please keep in mind that some people heal sooner than others and we ask that you accept one's way of dealing with grief may be different than yours.

We invite you to share your emotions and feelings as freely as you wish. Feel free to cry, vent, or whatever you need to do to release emotions. If you need to leave the room, someone will make sure that you are okay.

Should you wish to share a bad experience with the group, we ask that you refrain from using anyone's name or the name of an institution.

We ask that everything discussed at the share group remain confidential. Please respect the privacy rights of everyone attending.


Hope Through Birth support meetings are a time set aside for the sharing of thoughts, feelings, and experiences of those who have lost a child through miscarriage, stillbirth, or early infant death. Hope Through Birth is not a professional counseling service nor are any of the organizers professional counselors.


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