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Primanti Bro's Fundraiser

Today, Hope Through Birth held their first fundraiser at Primanti Bro's. Thank you to everyone who joined us. We are forever grateful for those within our community who have been supporting Kelly and I when we truly began this journey 6 years ago.

We recently began fundraising. It is a bit different for Hope Through Birth. Many may notice that we have not spent much time on fundraising over the last 7 years, but we've been expanding. We became non-profit in March, and we've been working to grow our organization. If you did not know, Hope Through Birth began offering Hope Care Packages for families who experience pregnancy and infant loss. We have been donating items to families that we've connected with in the past, but we've recently created these packages that will be standard for Hope Through Birth newly bereaved families to receive. Our care packages are provided to grieving families to hopefully help them feel less alone and have some items to help remember their baby. These Hope Care Packages are something that we believe is critical to coping with our losses. The packages provide reading materials and community resources to ensure that families are provided with adequate support options. Our fundraising allows us to create more care packages for families and reach more families of loss ultimately.

We also provide support groups. While our space for the meetings is donated to Hope Through Birth, we do supply activities that are free to those that attend, but it cost Hope Through Birth money to provide these services, and we want to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our community. Our support meetings have been taking place on the second Thursday of each month here in Hagerstown. The meetings are something that I personally think are critical for building a community after you've experienced pregnancy and infant loss. It is one thing to experience a loss yourself, but when you are able to sit in the room with others who have shared your heartache, there is no comparison. Child loss can be so isolating and confusing, as no parent should bury a child. The reality is that one in four woman experience a pregnancy loss. Think about that. I'm certain that you can think of someone who may benefit from a support group.

Another area that fundraising becomes critical for is our memorial events. For the past 7, Hope Through Birth has been having memorial events to honor pregnancy and infant loss month ( October). We have had a yearly event in which we remember those babies who have been gone too soon. These events are free to the community. We provide take home items for families to honor their child plus we've done a variety of services and experiences for families over the last 7 years. The funds that we raise allows us to help break the silence in our community. They allow us to help others heal through the events and they allow families to know that they are not alone. We can't provide free events to those who need a space to honor their child without the financial support.

Hope Through Birth has taken the time to spend 2019 focusing on raising awareness to pregnancy and infant loss through support groups and care packages. These two areas are our focus. So, thank you for today. If you were able to enjoy Primanti Bro's we appreciate your support, and if you could not make, then it's okay too. We will have plenty of ways that you can contribute to our cause at Hope Through Birth.

Again, thank you for supporting us. Thank you for believing in us. But, most importantly, thank you for helping all those in our community remember their babies. Thank you for taking time out of your day to say that pregnancy and infant loss is an important cause. We love our supporters and we could not be here without you.

Stay tuned for more events to come! Next up, Chiptole in Hagerstown on June 4th is having a fundraiser for us, so mark your calendars! 5-9pm!

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