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November= Grief & Gratitude Social Media Challenge

October may be coming to an end, but that does not mean that the conversations stop. It does not mean that because Infant loss awareness month is over that we stop sharing stories.

November is just a few days away. We will be having a special on-line opportunity for you to continue this conversation but from a different perspective.

When we experience a loss, it is really hard to find the blessings out our experience. It is really hard to sit and be grateful or understand when the world around us is cruel and dark. Our minds race with answers to why we have experienced this tragedy.

Let me tell you...listen to this. Your child’s death flipped your world. It felt like you were dying too. And, yes, a huge part of you died when your child died. But, you are here. You are reading this, and I am so thankful that you are here to share your baby with us. I’m so thankful for your story. Your babies story. It’s important.

Here’s what I am asking you to do, I am asking you to stretch yourself to November and join us in a Gratitude Challenge. This challenge can be used for loss in general, so maybe you could ask a friend to join you. This challenge is meant for you to take a moment, take deep breathes, and reflect on your journey. It is meant to transform your thought process.

I truly believe that apart of me died when my son died. But, his death, it wasn’t my end. My heart just beat to a new tune. Yours can too. Will you join me?

Over the next thirty days, I'd like you to spend time participating in our social media challenge. You can make this public and use #HTBGratitude OR you can keep a private journal along the way. I highly encourage you to participate in this challenge. Why? Because it is so important to take time to reflect on our loss journey. It is so important to share with our community that with grief comes gratitude. The loss of someone we love is tragic, and it changes us as a person. In my own experience, I found it most healing to take time to share my thoughts and use my grief to help others & myself. The loss of my son taught me many things in life, but he taught me to be grateful for each and every moment that I have in this life. Death can steal the unfinished pages of our lives, and I'd like to take time to reflect on ways we can be active in our grief.

I dare you to join us. Here is a google form for you to sign up!'m+in!

You'll find the prompts may post social media pictures or status updates, but please use hash tag when joining in #HTBGratitude

1.Say Thank you

2.Tell someone you love them & why

3.Donate in honor of your loved one

4. Call your person

5. Get a treat to share

6.Take a thankful pause

7.Send a thank you

8. Hold the door for a stranger

9. Coffee date

10. Post a gratitude quote

11.Compliment a stranger

12.Share some positivity

13. Small gift in honor

14.Send a thank you

15. Make a list

16. Tell someone you love them

17. Volunteer

18. Take a thankful  pause

19. Write a kind review

20. Thank yourself  

21. Say thank you

22. Visit a quiet placeDay

23. Donate to a charity

24. Share your story

25. Make another list.

26. Participate in healing ritual  

27. Call a friend

28. Draw of picture

29. Let go Day

30.Cut yourself some slack


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