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Hello guys!

I wanted to take a minute to reflect on this past weekend. Hope THrough Birth was asked to be a resource for our community at two great events that happened here in Hagerstown, MD this past weekend. We were blessed to be apart of both of these events that serve our community. Special thank you to the Promise Walk of Hagerstown and Potomac Birth Services to allowing us to offer love and support to the community.

A resource table at local birth events or awareness walks can be difficult. They are something that many people do not want to consider happening. Pregnancy +death are two words people rarely expect to go hand in hand. In our journey, pregnancy and death are very real topics that we need to be having conversations about with our community. This is why I believe it is so important to bring awareness to those who may not typically want to hear about infant loss. I usually call myself the "debbie downer" of birth events because I am the face of the ultimate worst pain that someone could experience in pregnancy. I do not say that to receive pity or sympathy either. I say that because one in four woman experience pregnancy and infant loss. That is someone's aunt, sister, friend, daughter, mother, or coworker. I am almost certain that everyone can take one moment to consider someone they know that has experienced a loss.

Have you thought of that one person?

Let me ask you a question, if you hadn't experienced a loss, don't you think it would be beneficial to have someone advocating for those who are seeking support? Do you think it would be helpful to know that there is an organization that is not afraid to discuss the darkest days of pregnancy? This is why Hope Through Birth will be in the community. This is why Hope Through Birth will spend time educating those that may not typically think losses occur. We believe it is important to help others feel less alone.

I remember sitting in the hospital bed, still anrgy--very heart broken, and I knew that no matter why this pain was happening in my life that our son, Bentley, had such a purpose. And, I believe that about every baby. I remember telling my husband that if the loss of our son could help just one person, then the pain was worth it. This weekend Hope Through Birth was able to tell the community that we are here. We a committed to help those within the community that are hurting. It is our hope that no matter where you are in this journey, you will see us as an organization that loves you and cares about your journey. We believe that each person can find healing in hope.

I am thankful for our community today. Please, continue to keep picking up your feet each day and remember, you have worth. You have a purpose, and you have a community here that is ready and willing to meet you right where you are.

Much love,

Stephanie Nalley


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