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Heart's Release of Hagerstown

Hagerstown will have it's 2nd Annual Heart's Release of Hagerstown this October 2019. This event will be an annual event held in honor of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day every year going forward. We typically try to have our event the Sunday prior to October 15th. This event is held at a local park atmosphere/outdoor setting. It is sponsored by Hope Through Birth, and it is connected to Stillbirthday's Global Heart's Release.

This event is created for families to gather together with other loss families. We welcome you to bring those that may be your support system. The event is FREE to attend. We will have a speaker, a special experience, name reading, take home item to remember the event and honor your child. We will provide refreshments and we ask that everyone bring a desert to share.

We have a Facebook event for families to add their babies names to the hearts. We are excited to offer this unique event each year. Hope Through Birth counts it an honor to walk along side families. We understand the pain and heartache of losing a child. Each one of our leaders has experienced a loss themselves, and some of our board members have experienced loss too. Our heart and passion to help the next family and the Heart's Release is a great event that brings families together with others in our community. We are able to have a social time and spend time reflecting on our children's lives and the legacies that as parent's we have built.

Consider checking out the FB event page here:

By adding your child's name in this event page, it ensure that your babies name will be included for the Heart's Release. Your babies name can be added even if you are unable to physically attend.

We hope you'll consider joining us.

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