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Fundraising is never an easy topic for anyone. Schools are always seeking funds. Sports are always seeking funds. Local events are always seeking funds. Our own pockets are always seeking funds! Life isn't cheap, and I totally understand that! I wanted to share a little bit from our heart's of Hope Through Birth regarding fundraising.

In the past 7 years, we have not done a lot of fundraisers. We have received donations here and there for events that we have hosted, but we have not sought out to host many fundraisers because we have remained a small support group with smaller events. Hope Through Birth has grown over the years, and it's desire to help the community in even more ways has also grown. Recently, you have probably noticed that we have begun hosting fundraisers. This is critical to growth. I can understand that it's difficult sometimes for people to make their own funds add up to pay bills. We recognize that. It is our hope that we are able to create fundraisers that our community will be able to 1) support themselves in some way or 2) share the fundraiser with others who may be able to help support Hope Through Birth.

This organization grew out of a families love for their son that had died. This organization has been able to help countless families over the last 7 years, but we are, like I mentioned, in a time of growth. And, with growth comes financial responsibility. We are seeking members of our community to help in these ways:

1. We need prayers. We need people to commit to praying for the work that Hope Through Birth does. We ask that you'll pray that lives will be touched and hope can be restored in the lives of those who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss. This organization can not grow without your prayers.

2. We ask that you'll consider donating. $30 sponsors our miscarriage Hope Care Packages. This package is given to those who have experienced a loss prior to 20 weeks. We also have sponsorship of our 20+ week loss Hope Care Packages. These packages can be sponsored for $60. As you sponsor a package, you can donate in honor of your a baby or a baby of someone you may have known to have passed.

3. You can host a fundraiser for Hope Through Birth or maybe you know a place that will allow Hope Through Birth to have a pancake breakfast or yard sale or some form of an event. These are connections that we are seeking to provide even more opportunities for us to raise funds for Hope Through Birth.

4. And lastly, maybe you can't give towards our fundraisers, but you can share them. We ask that you share Hope Through Birth and its mission with those you may feel benefit from our services. We provide care packages, doula bereavement services, support groups, workshops, and memorial events. In order to reach everyone, we must ask that the community share us with their friends and family.

Thank you for taking the time to consider how you can help Hope Through Birth reach its mission to provide support to the pregnancy and infant loss community. It takes a village. It surely is something that we wish no one needed to experience, but the reality is that one in four woman experience the loss of a baby. These are real stats, and they affect people in our neighborhoods, churches, schools, and all social groups. Will you join us in making a difference?

Donations are tax deductible as we are a recognized 501 (c) 3. You can send donations via Paypal to (When using this method, please consider sending funds via friends & family to avoid the potential fees that come with Paypal.) Or you can send a check via mail to:

Hope Through Birth

Stephanie Nalley

1121 Lindsay Lane

Hagerstown MD 21742.

Thank you for your willingness to help the mission of Hope Through Birth!

Stephanie Nalley

Hope Through Birth Founder


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